Finding the right items that compliments your home can get quite overwhelming and often takes a long time. After all, us decor lovers strive to create a glamourous home ambiance that is unmatched anywhere else.


Glad you're here! Now you're on track to creating a happier place. Whether it is a room in your home or a work space, we got you covered.

Our Story

Personal space for the open office —


Make a statement that will last a lifetime with our pieces.


You don't have to sacrifice feeling cozy for looking good.


We strive to find products that will last for generations to come. Quality first.


Contemporary lines and a modern finish make for a beautiful home.

The open office is full of noise. So we built a place with less. Our Room is a simple, affordable solution for the modern workplace. It's our way of making more room for everyone.

When we needed to get our shop up and running fast, Decorcraze was there to help us.

Michael Boaz

Seriously, could Decorcraze be any more awesome? I'm not sure it could...thanks!

Sara Bonham